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Posted on 2011.04.19 at 05:31
I'm all out of moral crusades at the moment, so we're going to have to settle for an opportunistic moral kneecapping.

If you redistribute, by any means, written material that was allegedly available on this journal, but can no longer be viewed publicly, you are doing so without my permission. Likewise if you have received similar content.

This isn't about a publishing deal or a creative crisis. It's a matter of personal safety and (hopefully still) potential outing.

Oh, but isn't it the reading public's unassailable right to have eternal access to everything they've ever read? If by "right" you mean "something really harmful that I probably can't stop you from doing," sure.

And didn't I just take that risk when I posted things publicly? When you say risk in that context, what it actually means is "if you do something fun on the internet, some asshole will probably fuck it up for you eventually." So why are so many people lining up to BE that asshole? Sure, that fucker can do whatever they want. But why is anyone arguing that an action that can cause a lot of grief and harm is some bizarre kind of virtue?

Since when has it been part of some beautiful fandom tradition to break privacy lock when the locked material in question wasn't a specific and crucial part of a larger trial-by-wrathful-justice conversation? We're not talking about a calling out, here, and we're not talking about an author-endorsed underground distribution effort. We're talking about things that were, in my case, removed to protect my unrelated-to-fandom wellbeing, not my ego or fandom reputation. If someone were proposing a community for the single purpose of sharing no-longer-public entries that contained anything but fic, we would call that person the trolling piece of shit that they are.

So what's the difference between sharing the contents of a removed post and sharing the contents of a removed post that contained fic? The literal fannish need for instantly gratified amusement, no matter the cost to anyone, apparently. Way to put your entitlement to entertainment above the actual physical safety of an author you supposedly like, folks. You keep up that good work preserving the integrity of fandom, there. I'll keep hoping that I won't have to delete my journal and move to a different state.

And by the way, if you've shared a copy of anything that I've had to lock? I dearly fucking hope you didn't share it with somebody who can hurt me. I guess I'll be the one to find that out the hard way.

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